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Something Final

The adventures of the Zodiac Cusp Kids are laid to rest in the raw, cold February of 1989. The Portal has been spilling out more goop and increasingly dangerous goons for the past two years, and it’s getting worse. On top of that, the kids are facing a mysterious and charismatic figure from David’s past who’s not sitting quite right with Jenny. In order to decode the symbols from her vision, there’s only one thing to do; a week-long cram session at the library. The things they discover lead them straight toward the fight of everyone’s lives. It’s going to take every trick they’ve learned and the combined powers of The Coven, The Guardian, and the Zodiac Cusp Kids to end this story. 


Something Final is the last of the stories drawn from Angie's diaries. Kept safely hidden for decades, they tell how the kids spent their teenage years - working with their mentor, Mr. Rakow, and Jenny's mom, Lorraine, who leads a coven, to come to the life-changing conclusion of their journey together.

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