Wrinkles and Immortality

So, this began as a blog post about wrinkles, and during the writing has become something else. I’ll include here at the beginning some disclaimers/notes: I dig wrinkles I believe you can make changes in the way you live your life I don’t wish for immortality, but I do hope at least a few select people think of me fondly after I’m gone I’m a hopeful and optimistic Agnostic Wrinkles: I like ‘em. I know the entire beauty industry is out there trying to make me fear them, but I’m sorry, I’m not buying it. I do, however, wish to CHOOSE the sorts of wrinkles that show up on my face, at least as much as I am able. You see, when I first noticed my wrinkles growing in, they were primarily between my

I don't care if you just brushed your teeth!

The grind begins to seem relentless at times. Another meal to make and eat and clean up, another errand to run, another crisis to avert, another loss, another pain, another annoyance, another broken something-or-other, another Monday. All of which powerfully reminds me of the necessity of interjecting joy. It has to be done. There has to be that balance. It's critical. Like blood and air. Even more critical than responding correctly to the next crisis, or gracefully bearing the next sorrow, or reminding yourself AGAIN that the thoughtful, measured response is going to be more effective than the explosion. There must be joy. Fill up the tank every single chance you get. Every laugh an


I've been asked about my email many times. Most folks assume I'm a transplant from Arizona. I don't have a thirty second explanation that fits into the confines of small talk for that, and it's often plagued me. So here's the story. Once upon a time, in the ancient days of, complete with the little avatar that you could dress and change hairstyles on, just like a paper doll, I needed a unique name to use to create my site. I didn't really want to use an incarnation of my name. This was early days, when you didn't really know what horrors you were opening yourself up to on the intarwebs. I was, perhaps, a tad paranoid. But it got me to thinking. I wanted to use something that was

Lincoln, NE, USA