Cover Reveal!!

Today, we're unveiling the beautiful new cover art for Janina Franck's, "Sand and Snow"! It's the third installment of her fantasy adventure series, "Chronicles of the Bat" "Sometimes gods go on holidays. Sometimes they meddle. Lilith has taken over the role of Death, struggling to fulfill her responsibilities, while Selene travels far to help the country she has made her new home. But no place is without dangers. A stranger appears, claiming to be Lilith's childhood friend. What will he do when he finds out she is not the person he thinks she is? " Title: Sand & Snow (Book 3 of the “Chronicles of the Bat” Series) Author: Janina Franck Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing Release Date: 21st Apr

My dad did a cool thing

I watched my Dad do a cool thing the other day. For those of you who don’t already know my dad, he’s a pretty neat guy. He’s been a librarian, a pastor, a Ham Radio operator, a walker of dogs and a teller of tales, among other things. People like him. He’s good stuff. Dad’s having surgery -- not the first time, probably not the last. My dad’s take on surgery is similar to his take on vehicle maintenance. You do it, it keeps things running better, the end. Clearly, he’s not particularly bent out of shape about going under the knife. The rest of us, of course, are a little more nervous about it. In that vein, while chatting with the Surgeon the other day, I relayed a question from my Aunt (a n

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