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Something Haunted Cover!

Once again, the amazingly talented Janina Franck has outdone herself with gorgeous cover art for the second Tale of the Zodiac Cusp Kids, Something Haunted!

The summer of 1983 is over. After weeks of healing from their first adventure and some specialized basic training with Mr. Rakow, Angie, Jenny and David are feeling prepared for the horrors junior high will surely bring. The final weekend of vacation, a bizarre tornado tears through Lincoln, upending gravestones and depositing supernatural debris on the school grounds.

The gang has their hands full with the demands of starting junior high on top of trying to figure out an otherworldly mystery, and their friendship begins to feel the strain. But the malevolent ghost haunting the school is ramping up its attacks on students, and the kids are going to have to get it together in time to save the school.

The scene shown here is David, Angie and Jenny at Wyuka Cemetery where Mr. Rakow brings them on a hunch. Based on the clues Angie unearths about the angry spirit that's appeared at Mickle Jr High, Mr. Rakow suspects that a real life nightmare from Lincoln's past may have returned.

We clamored out of the backseat of Mr. Rakow’s two door Chevy, the kind with the front seat folds forward, and if you are an acrobat or a fairy princess you can exit gratefully. Being neither, I was pleased to avoid a face plant in the road before getting my feet back under me.

Mr. Rakow was watching Jenny intently as she wended her way along the path the little tornado had taken. I noticed his interest and asked him, “Why are you watching Jen like that?”

I have a feeling about all of this, he responded quietly, and I’m curious to see if I’m right. We had crossed the road and stepped out onto grass started with gravestones David had gotten ahead of Jen further along the path of devastation.

Jen was meandering behind him, Pausing to look at a name here, a headstone there. I held back with Mr. Rakow, watching and wondering what he was hoping to see. Jen stopped abruptly, staring down at one of the small flat headstones.

From behind I watched her body language change. She drew in on herself and then blew out a breath and squared her shoulders as if she was forcing herself to look at something unpleasant. I looked at Mr. Rakow. His expression was satisfied, and a little sad.

I ran to Jen’s side just as David did. “Whose grave is it?” he asked. I looked down at the inscription on the stone.

Charles Starkweather

Nov. 25, 1938 - June 25, 1959

Rest In Peace

The paperback and ebook editions will be available on February 25th , but if you absolutely cannot wait, treat yourself right now to the Audible recording read by Linda Jones, here:

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