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Janina Franck's "A Spark in Space Cover" Reveal!

Hi all, today it’s cover reveal time for A Spark in Space written by Janina Franck, published with Snowy Wings Publishing.

The cover was designed by KimG Designs:

While release day is the 6th of July 2021, e-book pre-orders are already up, set to only 0.99 until July, so secure your copy today!

“Space drifted past them; stars performed a strange dance – soft and flowing, creating patterns in the void that called forth longing, fear, and comfortableness, all at the same time. Asteroids occasionally crossed their path, but without ever presenting a danger to them, like strangers crossing the street in a lonely night.

A song peeled itself from Tabea’s mind, accompanying the universe’s performance. It was overflowing with discords, chaotic and seemingly random, but all together created a melody, one that felt familiar, as though it was knotting together the fibers of the universe, the same way her powers did.

The powers that made her a Space Witch.”

A Spark in Space is a science-fiction-fantasy adventure, centered around an aro-ace protagonist in humanity’s Space Core program: Tabea.

Global warming has long since forced humanity to expand out into the universe, colonizing other planets, encountering other space-faring species of sentient beings, some benign, some hostile.

This also brought the discovery of Space Witches – beings capable of controlling technology and energy with their minds. Due to an accident Tabea becomes the first human with such abilities which, though she keeps them secret, paints a target on her back.

After a pirate attack, Tabea is separated from her ship and crew, finding herself instead in the custody of the Penyales—a species known to be hostile toward humans. But against all expectations, they ask for Tabea’s help, offering in return to find Tabea’s friends.

They can’t lie—but can they be trusted?

Amazon Pre-Order:

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1 Comment

Kendra Dolan
Kendra Dolan
Sep 22, 2021

This is a great post thanks for sharing it.

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